Cultural Peak Geek

Sometime early 2013 was probably “cultural peak geek”, in my opinion.  Wired thought it was in 2016.  CNN suggested cultural peak geek was 2019.  I did a list of cultural events and their dates, put them in order, and concluded that the actual peak was likely 2013.  That’s when being any kind of nerd was […]

Road Hacks #2: A Pee Bottle

Yes, a pee bottle.  A bottle in which you can pee.  A pee bottle could in fact save your life.  Seriously.  With an increasingly limited number of public places where people can do anything (relax, explore, browse, shop, eat, etc), there is an ever more limited number of public bathrooms to “go number one”.  That […]

Road Hacks #1: iPad In The Car

Apple iPad permanently mounted in the car is inevitable.  iOS CarPlay is just a gateway technology for iPad-in-the-car.  The money cost of buying a new iPad and leaving it in the car is already inexpensive.  Probably sooner rather than later, people will no longer connect their smartphone to the vehicle with Bluetooth or anything else.  Car […]

Back In The Day #6: Maximum PC

Excitement about a new era of computing intersected the end of the millenium.  MP3’s, CD burners, DVD’s, hardware-accelerated 3D, and broadband.  Computing started to get really fun for non-nerds.  Consumer computers became powerful enough that there started to be specialized systems like the home theater computer and gaming computer.  The “computer” started to become what […]

Corporate Compliance In The Startup Industry

(Editor’s note: A conscience is consistently lacking in the startup industry.  Compliance may be that conscience.  I have more to write about compliance as a conscience, and this essay is a good foundation.  This is in thesis form for a writing credit in my second law degree, a post-doctorate Master of Laws (LL.M.) at Delaware […]

Back In The Day #5: Internet Video

YouTube just turned fifteen years old. That means there was no YouTube before 2005.  And how quickly we forget that YouTube was controversial in the beginning.  YouTube was considered mostly pirate music videos, used as much as 80% of the Internet bandwidth traffic (which was in 2005 still mostly text and low-resolution images), and had […]


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